Friday, March 9, 2007

Download NEW! DreamScene Videos Movies Video Movie Whatever You Want to Call Them!

So I found some more new quality HD videos that I thought would make good DreamScene videos. I edited all of them to loop smoothly, as usual. There are three new Dream Scene videos in all. The first DreamScene video is of a Sea Turtle peacefully swimming in the ocean. The second and third Dream Scene movies consist of a school of Yellow Fish. These last two DreamScene movies are practically the same except the third DreamScene movie is closer up than the second.

Download these new HD DreamScene videos for FREE! at

P.s. Apparently, GooglePages has a maximum bandwidth limit so none of the pictures load but the text still does!?! Random, I know. But don't worry, all the DreamScene movies are hosted on a different servers so you can still download those videos!

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