Friday, March 23, 2007

Download Vista DreamScene Videos in HD via BitTorrent!

Download HD DreamScene video for FREE! at

I've just finished updating the site. I think I'm content with the changes. (lol)

However, I kinda wish I had been able to keep the Dream Scene videos as HTTP downloads. It's just a bit more convenient, I guess. Oh well. I couldn't find enough bandwidth. Instead, I made a torrent and from now on I will be distributing the DreamScene movies using BitTorrent. (If you still want to download the DreamScene movies using HTTP, you can try the HTTP page. I'm pretty sure I ran out of bandwidth for the month so the videos probablly won't download using HTTP. You're best bet is to use BitTorrent.)

On a more positive note, my HD DreamScene videos have been downloaded more than 2500 times! MY VIDEOS! Really. I went through 50Gb of bandwidth! Thanks to Openomy for providing a great service.

Let me know if there are any problems downloading the videos using BitTorrent. I've updated the help page to for new BitTorrent users.

So if you missed the link to download HD DreamScene movies it's: