Friday, March 2, 2007

Download Vista DreamScene Videos

Right. So recently I replaced Mac OS 10.4 with Windows Vista Ultimate which I installed on my Thinkpad R60 Laptop. (It was a sad day; I had to say goodbye to my Mac-wintel because the OS had driver issues with my sound card, video card, and ethernet card.) But I was pleasantly surprised by just how fun Vista is to use.

Anyways, getting to the point, a couple of weeks ago Microsoft released the full version of DreamScene as a Windows Vista Ultimate Extra. DreamScene allows you to set any video as your desktop background. I downloaded the update and installed DreamScene. It was pretty cool to see the Aurora background "come to life" (which is bundled with the update).

Soon, I became tired of that background and started google-ing the internet for DreamScene Videos. I didn't find much. Most of the videos were low-quality garbage. Consequently, I decided to make some DreamScene videos myself and I have a website to show for it. It's only two pages but hopefully I'll be able to find some more HD footage that I can edit to make more DreamScene movies.

All of the movies on the site are HD quality, widescreen, and in the WMV format. I got rid of the sound so that videos take up less memory. (And because who wants to hear the same thing looping over and over again everytime they use their computer?) Also, I edited the footage so that the videos loop smoothly and don't just cut (because that looks stupid).

So if you would like to download DreamScene videos for free just go to the simple site I made.


Aaron Tait said...

Shouldn't you be working on an essay right.

ChrisJF said...

I was taking my five-minute break! Jeeze. Besides I made that site and this post during reading week I just never published them.

Jeff_Munro said...

thanks man, let me know whenever you get the other ones up,