Thursday, March 20, 2008

UOIT MyCampus Email in Thunderbird or Outlook

IT doesn't allow Auto Forwarding for MyCampus email. Consequently, I never check my MyCampus email. However, I recently found out from Zander that you can access MyCampus email using IMAP. So now I'm using Thunderbird! Here are the settings for your favourite Email Client:

Protocol: IMAP
Port: 143 (standard one), and no SSL (no authentication)
Username: Your Student ID i.e. 100123456
Password: Your MyCampus password or your original MyCampus password if you changed it i.e. Your Birthdate MMDDYY

Thanks again to Zander and happy emailing.

Note: It appears that you can't send email when not on campus but you can receive email anywhere.


Ted Avery said...

Nice find, do you happen to know the proper SMTP server?

Anonymous said... is the address for SMTP. No idea on the port. If you find out, please post it for everyone who's sick of MyCampus webmail

ChrisJF said...

@ryan I couldn't get that server to work.

For me to send emails from Outlook I had to make the Outgoing (SMTP) Server the same as the incoming server ( To do this in Outlook, I did have to check the box "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" and then select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" in the "Outgoing server" tab of the "Internet Email settings" panel. (Tools > Acount settings > Change... > More settings)

Oleg said...

For those that cannot get it working, instead of your mycampus pw, it is your bithdate mmddyy. Unless of course the two are the same.

Unknown said...

Very useful.

Good luck with compilers, if it's like last year with Dr Green the assignments are incredibly hard.

Unknown said...

I just tried it today, I linked it with my GMail account and iPod Touch, but what I had to do was use Port 110, Port 143 did not work for me.

Cilantro said...

Thanks for the badge! I needed something to set off my tweets in my blog.

Mateusz said...


I`m a grad student and we have (two) emails: the mycampus email and a "" email.

How did you find all this info?

Would I be able to retrieve the info for the grad server?



ChrisJF said...

Hey Mateusz,

Because you're in grad studies you can just call IT Services at (905) 721-3333. Say you're a grad student and ask them for the email server settings. They should give it to you.


ChrisJF said...

It appears that the SMTP server (outgoing server) is actually the same as the incoming server address. However, for some reason you can't send email off campus but you can still receive. It's bizarre but it's probably IT.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the SMTP server is the same as the Incoming Server.

I did the same address no secuirty and port 143 for my outgoing server settings. with no Sign in required.

I did not get it with Sign in checked off.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy 2

Unknown said...

it works for emails but I dont know how can I do this for email? i do not want to let IT do this