Thursday, October 30, 2008

Printing to the UOIT Printers from a Non-School-Issued Laptop

On Windows:

1. Open the Run command. (Press Windows Key + R)

2. Type the following and hit enter:


This is the address of the print server. (Note you must be physically on campus for this to work.)

3. When a window pops up:

For your username put: "oncampus\*********"
(replace the stars with your username. i.e. 100123456)

For your password: put your password that you use to login to one of the computers in the commons.

4. Hit Enter. The window will now load listing all Durham College and UOIT printers. Find the printer you want to use, and double click it to install the printer.

5. Now you can print from your non-UOIT-issued laptop!

Please note: If you restart your computer, you must reconnect to the print server first before you try printing again.